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Have you always wanted to learn to fly glider aerobatics?

You have arrived at the right place! We offer Canada's largest and longest running glider aerobatic training program.

Power Pilot?

Although we do not offer any power aerobatic training, several power pilots looking for aerobatic training have opted to get their glider license to take part in our program. This is in part due to the high cost and limited availability of power aerobatic training in Ontario.

Select your Goals

Select the goals you would like to achieve and we will tailor your training to meet them:

  • Thrill Ride (VertiGo Mile)
  • Improved piloting skills
  • Unusual attitude recovery
  • Aerobatic maneuver (dual or solo)
  • Aerobatic competition flying
  • Aerobatic Instructing

Curriculum & Training

We have been offering structured, one-on-one glider aerobatic training for over 10 years.

Instruction is pre-booked with our aerobatic instructors who usually meet at the hanger at 0700 on Saturday and 0800 on Sunday mornings.

Each section and lesson comes with focused ground briefings to maximize learning during the the in-flight portion of your training.

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Before our first flight we cover safety topics in the event  of an emergency: emergency situation decision making,  emergency egress, reserve parachute handling and use.

Section 1- Unusual Attitude Recovery

You will slowly and safely open up your flight envelope  to include recovery from flight attitudes including  positive G and negative G, vertical up, vertical down, as  well as inverted flight and advanced stall and spins.  You will focus on early detection and prompt authoritative  recovery.  This is foundation on which you will safely  learn basic aerobatic maneuvers.

Section 2- Basic Aerobatic Maneuvers

Loops, Wingovers, Turns, Spins, Hammerhead, Slow Roll.

Section 3- Combination Aerobatic Maneuvers

Split S, Reverse 1/2 Cuban, 1/2 Cuban, Immelman, 1/2  Snap Roll Split S, 1/2 Loop 1/2 Snap, 1/4 Cloverleaf,  etc...

Section 4- Aerobatic Sequences

You will begin preparing for aerobatic competition by  learning energy management while linking maneuvers.

Section 5- Aerobatic Instructor Rating

Get your own glider aerobatic instructor rating and learn  how to teach this skill to others.

one one one aerobatic training -400

ask21 vertical up -400

Our Aircraft

SOSA hosts the largest glider aerobatic training program in the country, backed up with 4 two-seat aerobatic training aircraft.

DG505 Orion

Primary aerobatic trainer.  Two wing configurations enable it to be a good aerobatic and cross country glider. The relatively large flight envelope makes this the prefered aerobatic trainer

SZD50-3 Puchacz

Primary aerobatic trainer.  This aircraft has excellent stall / spin characteristics making it a great platform for stalled flight training.

Schleicher ASK-21

The ASK-21s are primary student training aircraft at SOSA, and are occasionally used for aerobatic training.

dg505 landing -300 szd50-2 landing -300 ask21 take off -300


  • Scott McMaster - Chief Glider Aerobatic Instructor, Power Aerobatic Instructor, competition aerobatic pilot. Has been flying aerobatics since 1977.
  • Andrea Kuciak - Glider Instructor, Glider Aerobatic Instructor, competition aerobatic pilot. Has been flying aerobatics since 1998.
  • Joe Stubbs - Glider Instructor, Glider Aerobatic Instructor, competition aerobatic pilot. Has been flying aerobatics since 1998.
  • Lorna Novosel - Glider Instructor, Glider Aerobatic Instructor. Has been flying aerobatics since 2005.

Pre-Requisite Requirements

  • License: Glider Pilot License
  • Time: No minimum time
  • Aircraft Type: Aircraft training and checkout included

Aerobatics Video

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